We’ve been everywhere, man!

A much needed holiday over Christmas and New Year’s saw the three of us, Frannie, Crispy and Bella trekking from the bottom of the State to the top! We love a road trip. People often say we are crazy doing so many k’s, but we’re happiest when we’re on the road.

Starting with the drive from Geelong to Warnambool for Christmas part 1 with Crispy’s family, then from there to Bendigo for Christmas part 2 with Frannie’s. We then go for a few days of ‘just us’ time up on the Murray River between Cobram and Mulwala. Then back to Bendigo for a wild New Years party with some of our best mates then home again to try and clean some of the dust off in time to get back into work.

Our little patch of paradise

Because we both have our own businesses it’s not often we get more than a long weekend off, so we look forward to our break VERY much! Hard to get back into the swing of it for the start of a new year, but this is a big year for us as far as making things happen for The Grand Plan. Stay tuned for some big news ahead!

So if you’d like to see some highlights from our trip, click the link below. We made some great new friends on this trip, and started to learn about the joys of ‘happy hour’ with some of our fellow campers. We’re really starting to view every small trip as a kind of practice run for the real thing now!

Click to see our journey!

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