Pondering many more days like this over a morning cuppa

Are we there yet?

I was secretly hoping we would discover that, at a pinch, we could pack up and leave straight away! Unfortunately, we discovered that our plan is rock solid. Unfortunately? Well, only in the sense that we have to just stick at it for a little while longer to make sure that when we do go, we set ourselves up for success.
Where do we begin. It all started with a walk along the beach

Where do we begin?

We are Frannie, Crispy and our 'furbaby' Bella and this is how a walk along the beach set us off in a direction of living a life less 'normal', living on the road full time, Caravaning around Australia. We needed a plan, not just a dream! A goal is just a dream until you actually work out what steps you need to take to make it happen...